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One Vision: Working together to strengthen the standard of excellence in eye care.


The goal of IJCAHPO’s international relations is to promote global equitable comprehensive eye health through the development of the eye care team.
IJCAHPO is a nonprofit organization with the goal to advance the development of the eye care team and build a viable and sustainable framework for the education and training of Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP) worldwide.


The International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (IJCAHPO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the eye care team to ensure a qualified global workforce that provides quality patient care.

Certification & Education

IJCAHPO is dedicated to bringing effective and standardized training and education practices to ophthalmological care worldwide. IJCAHPO’s standards for curriculum are based on the model and international certification standards set forth by IJCAHPO.


IJCAHPO recognizes many accredited institutions that train and educate their ophthalmic students according to rigorous academic standards. Candidates who have attained eye care degrees from accredited training programs have a head-start in becoming certified by IJCAHPO.

The International Core Curriculum and International Core Curriculum for Refractive Error are aimed to achieve maximum team efficiency by training all AOP to improve the delivery of eye care. These on-the-job training tools present core competencies that form the foundation of knowledge, skills, and interpersonal behaviors required of AOP.

Tools for AOP Educators

Are you interested in developing a training program but do not know where to start? Find information about Education, Training, Certification, and accreditation in our Tools for AOP Educators page.

Working Together with our Partners

To bring the highest quality care to the world, we must work together, educate each other, and look to the future with One Vision. There are many education and training programs for ophthalmic medical personnel year-round that thousands of eye care professionals attend. Which event is nearest to you?

Certification, Education, and Accreditation


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