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Military Personnel

We salute our troops and those who serve our country! Military personnel in the United States and Canada will receive up to a 50% discount on certification examination application fees.

For more than ten years, IJCAHPO has been recognized by the United States Veterans’ Administration and participates in its education and certification veterans’ benefits program. Military personnel and veterans can apply for reimbursement of their education, continuing education, and certification expenses by approved certification providers. Access this education and certification information below.

The discounted certification application fees are for initial examinations at all core certification levels for military personnel in the following areas: Active Duty, Contract Military, Veterans’ Affairs, and Military Veterans. Individuals who serve in other foreign services may contact IJCAHPO for more information and overseas testing locations.

If you believe you qualify for the reduced fee, please contact IJCAHPO for pricing details and indicate your eligibility in the payment section on the application. We will continue to accept special requests for recertification extensions with no fees for active-duty military that are deployed overseas.


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