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CE Providers

IJCAHPO continuing education credit is the internationally recognized benchmark for excellence in continuing education of Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP).


The goal of accrediting continuing education (CE) programs is to promote a level of substance and quality in the training and continuing education of allied health personnel in ophthalmology. IJCAHPO CE accreditation of a program denotes that it has been reviewed and meets published standards.

IMPORTANT: IJCAHPO has recently updated the Criteria and Application for Continuing Education Providers Handbook, effective May 1, 2024. This application handbook supersedes all previous editions. The new criteria handbook contains updated policies, fees, the addition of On-Demand Event in acceptable formats, and templates.

Submitting Your Application

By applying to become an IJCAHPO-accredited CE program, you are dedicated to advancing attendee knowledge and skills through high-quality education. Review the Criteria and Application for Continuing Education Providers and apply for CE program accreditation.

Ophthalmology (eye-care) related topics, regardless of the relation to an examination content area, can be accredited for CE credit. For CE credit review purposes, the following formats have been identified:

  1. Classroom (On-site)
  2. Live Steam
  3. On-Demand Event
  4. Distance Learning

CE programs must be submitted to and approved by IJCAHPO’s CE Credit Review Committee to qualify for CE credit. Submit completed applications and supporting documents to IJCAHPO via ShareFile at

Note: IJCAHPO-accredited CE programs may not use the IJCAHPO name or logo on any promotional material or course title or infer in any way that the program is an IJCAHPO-sponsored program. Applicants for CE credit may not in any way advertise or promote, including internet metatags, any affiliation with or endorsement by IJCAHPO without the expressed written consent of IJCAHPO. Failure to comply with this provision will result in CE credit being revoked, and future CE credit applications may be denied.

Accredited CE Programs

The process of IJCAHPO continuing education credit approval includes, but is not limited to, prospective instructors submitting program outlines. IJCAHPO cannot predict the effectiveness of programs. Each program approved for continuing education credit should correspond to the instructor’s program description and be professional in substance and presentation.