About Us

History and Mission

The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO®) established the Education and Research Foundation in 1990 to fund compelling needs in ophthalmic medical assisting, i.e., expansion of training programs through scholarships, development of certification in subspecialties, and continued research into psychometric methods of testing and simulation of tasks critical to ensure valid and reliable examinations.

The mission of the Foundation is: To expand and strengthen the delivery
of eye care.

Since 1991, the Foundation has awarded more than $1 million in over 1,700 grants and scholarships to students in training programs; continuing education (CE) scholarships to attend JCAHPO or ATPO sponsored CE programs; and certification scholarships to assist with examination fees for those wishing to enter or advance in the field. The Foundation has also assisted with financial support for development of a computer simulation for the COT Skill Evaluation; and development of JCAHPO Learning Systems® and JCAHPO & CLAO Contact Lens Learning Systems®, computer-simulated training tools for ophthalmic allied health personnel.

Board of Directors

Melvin I. Freeman, MD
Peter C. Donshik, MD
William H. Ehlers, MD
Michelle Pett Herrin, COMT, CO
Vice President
Michelle Willis, COMT, OSA, OSC

Jeannine Bayard, MPH

Susan K. Busch, BA, COMT

Neil Choplin, MD

Mandi D. Conway, MD, FACS

Irwin Kronenberg

Staff Members

Lynn D. Anderson, PhD
CEO, Secretary